TILT and the Lory Student Center

Tilt and the Lory Student Center are both physical locations that offer a variety of services and resources to help with your studies and professional goals.

To see what TILT has to offer, jump over here.

Available through TILT are short, non-credit classes in Beginning Web Layout: HTML/CSS and Beginning Video Production. Although completing these classes won’t count towards your degree, they are still skills that will look great on your resume. Something to consider as you choose classes to fulfill your degree are those with requirements that will translate nicely onto a resume: think anything computer program related, the more specific the better. Classes that address specific programs or methods as opposed to general theories/concepts will transfer nicer as well.

Also available is a GRE Prep Course, something to consider if you’re looking at graduate school. If you’re on the fence it’s a great way to see if it’s something you think you can handle or are even interested it. Qualified staff can also talk to you about your graduate school options and a brief overview of what to expect.

To take a virtual tour or find driving and parking directions for Lory Student Center on campus, click here.

Currently the Lory Student Center is undergoing major renovation that has resulted in the closing of the food court and a plethora of construction mess. The University is trying to work around it though and many services are still available. For more information specifically concerning the renovation and what you have access to, click here.

Some interesting points of interest concerning the renovations at LSC can be found here.

Of all the things that are closed, here’s what remains open:

“The CSU Bookstore, which is the largest revenue source for the LSC, will be kept open, as well as LSC north meeting rooms, the North and Cherokee Park Ballrooms, the University Club and the Aspen Grille, RAMtech, Adult Learner and Veteran Services, and Student Legal Services. Food venues Cam’s Lobby Shop and Bagel Place II also will remain open.”  Source: http://www.sc.colostate.edu/renovation-faqs.aspx