The Career Center at CSU

Career Center

The Career Center at CSU is a very basic website designed to help current students and alumni achieve their career goals. There are also links for faculty, employers and family though these destinations primarily encourage individuals to call or otherwise contact the Career Center directly.

Mostly geared towards current students, the website advertises multiple services and resources to aid students in their professional planning and goals. Excluding the “Students Home” page there are only 5 topics listed in the left menu column, Major and Career Exploration, Job and Internship Search, Fairs and Events, Graduate School, and HIRED  .

Examples listed under the “Students” section: Individual Career Counseling appointments, Personality and Career Assessments, Career and Major Exploration tools, Resume / Cover Letter / Personal Statement development, Interviewing Skill development and Practice Interviews, Job and Internship Search Strategies, Job and Internship postings on CareerRAM, Career Interviews, and multiple Career Fairs every year.

Under the Graduate School link within the “Students” category, there’s quite a bit of information listed pertaining to what to expect if you’re considering pursuing a graduate degree. Much of the information is pretty basic, generic even, but there are some useful links, for grants and scholarships and links to a CSU created pdf talking about whether or not Grad school is the right choice for you.

Within the Job and Internship Search tab there are links to CSU career workshops and a link to set up an appointment with a Career Center advisor. In addition to the following categories: CareerRAM – Jobs/Internships, Job Searching Tips, Internship Resources, Resumes and Other Documents, Interviewing, Interview Attire Fund, Networking and Social Media, Working/Studying Abroad, Additional Resources.

Under the “Job and Internship Search” category, students are encouraged to log in/utilize “CareerRAM”, the Career Center’s online recruiting system through which students can narrow search terms to include their major, geographic location preferences and other criteria. I was especially hopeful when vetting this feature but was ultimately disappointed when search results turned up such gems as: Marriott attendant, Denver car wash manager, sales associate at Black House, White Market, among others. On the opposite end of the spectrum there were numerous listings for IT specialists, one for Cropping Systems Agronomist (an expert in soil management and field-crop production, in case you didn’t know – seriously what kid dreams of becoming an agronomist? The kids that ate dirt during recess?!?). My rambling point here is that there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of job listings that call for a bachelor’s degree AND require less than 5 to 7 years of experience. It just doesn’t seem terribly realistic to me for employers to post jobs via a college database with such grandiose expectations. This isn’t necessarily a knock against CSU, so much as what is probably a depressing insight to the current job market. The idea that I’m thousands of dollars in debt just to get a job as Bulk Tank Driver for the Dairy Farmers of America (in Greeley) is not exactly reassuring.

There are several more features buried in this poorly designed site that I’ll be digging out for future use in my long form webtext. But for those of you looking ahead, be patient (alcohol is suggested), do some digging, and you may just find some very useful answers to questions you didn’t even know to be asking.