CSU Alumni Association – Professional Development Services


Alumni Association Career Resources

Alumni of CSU still have access to many of the services and resources available to current students of the University. The big catch here is that, as an alumni of more than a year, you’ll have to pay for most of them. Membership prices start at around $50 depending on the membership plan you choose.

With membership you will gain access to the CSU Career Center and their career counselors. You will also be notified of and able to attend all career fairs and events hosted by CSU. More than anything though you should notice that Alumni membership pays for virtually everything a current student has access to for FREE.

So if you’re a Junior or Senior it would really be to your benefit to meet with a career counselor and get your moneys’ worth of these resources at your disposal. Also of note, as a graduating Senior you can pay a mere $25 for membership within the first year of graduation. So if the connections and resources at CSU are worth more to you than peace of mind, I suggest paying the $25 after graduation. It’s a 50% discount to a debt heavy wallet (but if yours isn’t then that’s awesome and I hate you), that will let you test the waters without drowning in fees.

 “Through membership, I am rewarded with the feeling of connection … and being part of a legacy of excellence.” – Annual Member, Ed Goodman (’77)

Which I guess is a good thing for Ed, because beyond intrinsic rewards you really aren’t getting a whole lot for your $50 annual fee (IMHO).  The biggest perk you’re getting with membership is the ability to connect and network with people higher up on the career ladder than you.

Bottom Line: You’re getting access to career advisors and literature for free RIGHT NOW. So why not take advantage of it, oh I don’t know, RIGHT NOW (or at least by your Junior and Senior years). But if you’re really proud of your public university education then by all means pay the $50 a year for a budget version of LinkedIn and Google+ to support the wonderful institution that is CSU.

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